Imagine a future where traditional finance melds seamlessly with the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi. A world where the technology is designed for everyone, is extraordinarily easy to use, environmentally-friendly and fundamentally secure and compliant. The world’s most customer centric digital asset banking network for retail and corporate clients.

Meet our team

Metallicus is building a better financial future for everyone. A fully remote and always diverse workforce, guided by leaders from the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and traditional finance world, we are rapidly building out the best team in the industry

Marshall Hayner
Co-Founder & CEO
Marshall developed the first Facebook Bitcoin wallet, and has worked with numerous cryptocurrency projects including Dogecoin, and Stellar.
Glenn Marien
Co-Founder & CTO
Glenn has 10+ years of full stack experience, and created the first online wallet for Dogecoin.
Irina Berkon
Board Member & CFO
Irina is a Forbes featured executive, serving in multiple senior roles, in addition to being a Managing Director of an angel investment fund focusing on women founders.
Donald Berk
Don is a former banking executive with 25+ years of experience at Northern Trust with responsibility for all Corporate and Wealth Management Banking products and services.
Syed Jafri
VP of Engineering
Syed is founder of, and has been developing user facing software for 6+ years in the blockchain and health-care sectors.
Karen McHenry
VP of Product
Karen is a product professional with 10+ years at leading consumer tech organizations including Circle, and Poloniex.
Lee Woolley
Senior Executive - Head of Banking Strategy
Lee has more than two decades of experience in leadership roles, wealth management and strategic planning.
Maura Wilder
VP of Engineering
Enthusiastic technologist and leader. 20+ years shipping quality software for crypto, fantasy sports, and fintech.
Ozgur Baykara
Head Regulatory Compliance
Head of Regulatory Compliance at Metallicus. Qualified Lawyer, AML & Blockchain expert with over 20+ years of experience.
Juno Lee
Chief Information Security Officer
Regtech and Fintech professional with 20+ years of experience in both public and private sectors. Former Chief Information Officer and the head of the national cybersecurity competency center of U.S. Federal Reserve System.
Will Cleaver
Director of Marketing
Marketing professional with 12+ years of experience across Media, Hospitality, Retail and Sport industries, including Formula 1.
Frank Mazza
Director of Blockchain Marketing & Digital Assets
Frank is a former banking and fintech executive with core competencies in digital customer acquisitions, engagement marketing, strategic planning, B2B partnerships, driving organizational change, and user experience design.

Advisory Board

From the start, we’ve built Metallicus with a vision that the future of crypto is secure and compliant - Our Advisory Board provides invaluable expertise to help us achieve that, as we advance our strategy to build the most customer-centric digital asset banking network.

Lauren Hargraves
Former Federal Reserve Bank of NY Leader
Lauren is a former central bank leader who spent more than 35 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. During her time at the Federal Reserve, she successfully ran and transformed businesses in the Fed's three major areas, financial stability and regulation, financial services, and monetary policy. Lauren actively contributed to international regulatory and financial stability policy development through her committee work at the Bank for International Settlements and the Financial Stability Board. Lauren has interacted with a wide array of C-suite executives at Fortune 100 financial institutions.
Bryan Hubbard
Former Deputy Comptroller (OCC)
Bryan has provided communication and policy counsel to Presidential appointees and chief executives in the financial services and defense sectors for more than 30 years. Most recently he served as deputy comptroller for public affairs at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), supporting the supervision of the $14 trillion U.S. federal banking system. He previously headed strategic communications at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service at the Department of Defense and served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, which included assignments on the Secretary of the Air Force’s public affairs staff.
Mark Carawan
Former Citigroup Chief Compliance Officer
Mark is currently a senior fellow at the New York University School of Law Program for Corporate Compliance and Enforcement (PCCE) and on the Board of the Institute of Internal Auditors. Mark’s professional career most recently includes serving as Citigroup’s chief compliance officer and a member of the Citigroup Executive Committee. Prior to this, he was the Barclays Group chief internal auditor based in London. Mark had formerly been a partner at Deloitte, specializing in enterprise-wide risk management, and at Andersen, where he managed the Privatization and Emerging Markets Division, focusing on financial sector restructuring and privatization projects globally.
Sergio Rodriguera, Jr
Former AI Consultant for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Sergio is co-founder at Straylight Systems, an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) company accelerating data engineering and software engineering workloads for banks, fintechs and DeFis through its AI OS. In addition, he is senior vice president at General Radar focused on providing strategic revenue and investor relations. Most recently, he was senior consultant for AI at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and was a professional staff member on the House Financial Services Committee. He earned multiple medals and awards, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal as a Naval Intelligence Officer conducting multiple tours, including Afghanistan and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Marc F. Joseph
Former Managing Counsel at BNY Mellon
Marc is a bank regulatory and financial services attorney with 40 years of experience. Most recently, Marc served as managing counsel for BNY Mellon N.A. supporting the wealth management division. Previously, Marc served for eight years as general counsel of Capmark Bank, an $8 billion FDIC-regulated Utah industrial bank. While at Capmark Bank, Marc advised the board and audit committee on bank regulation and compliance matters. Marc also spent five years as the general counsel of Merrill Lynch Credit Corp., an entity engaged in residential lending and securitization activities. Marc previously served on the board as well as the audit committee of The Delaware Trust Company, acting as the sole outside director.